10+ years of success

The Virtuous Collective is a financial planning company specialising in superannuation, insurance and retirement planning strategies. We are a young, dynamic & energetic team who are constantly looking for ways to outperform our competitors and deliver a better experience for our clients. Don’t let the young appearance of our office deceive you… we collectively have several lifetimes of experience between us. The founder Bryce Jenkins first became authorised to provide financial advice back in 2008, at the age of 20.

From humble beginnings to Australian financial services empire, here are some of Bryce’s achievements to date:

  • 2008: Bryce became a qualified mortgage broker and financial planner
  • 2009: Bryce opened his own office, operating as a sole trader in several serviced office spaces around the Gold Coast
  • 2010: Bryce diversified his skills into property investment finance strategies and was chosen to represent several reputable finance companies in expos all around Australia Bryce opened his own office, operating as a sole trader in several serviced office spaces around the Gold Coast
  • 2011: Bryce moved his operation to the prestige Corporate Centre and started hiring consultants to assist with the influx of business
  • 2012: In response to new legislation, Bryce earned the privilege of an Australian Credit Licence (since ceased to focus on financial planning)
  • 2013: Bryce incorporated Virtue Planning Pty Ltd, now trading as The Virtuous Collective, and purchased his first investment property. Bryce would then accumulate, on average, at least one more property per year for the next 8 years (and counting!)
  • 2014: Bryce acquired a Sydney-based financial planning business – increasing clients under management to around 500
  • 2015: Bryce moved his operation to Varsity Lakes, QLD, and hired 2 more full time staff members
  • 2016: Bryce acquired another Gold Coast-based financial planning business – increasing clients under management to around 2,000. Bryce also became a very proud father. QLD, and hired 2 more full time staff members
  • 2017: Having worked 24/7 for the past decade, Bryce decided to have a cruisy year, and wound back his working hours to about 15 hours per week. Bryce spent a lot of time with his son, played a lot of golf, became lead guitarist in a Heavy Metal band called Vow To Conquer and went on several local and national tours. Bryce also started running long distance – an obsession which continues to this date.
  • 2018: Just 15 months after his first son, Bryce would celebrate the arrival of his second son. Perhaps this is was encouraged Bryce to pull his socks back up and become a workaholic again!
  • 2019: Bryce decided to reduce the number of clients on his books from over 2,000, to around 800 – with a focus on quality service. Bryce was also invited to speak on seminars all around Australia, in front of hundreds of clients at a time. Bryce became highly regarded as the Rockstar of Financial Planning.
  • 2020: Bryce’s businesses and clients thrived through the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all the challenges, and following several licensee changes, Bryce earned the remarkable privilege of attaining an Australian Financial Services Licence, which would come into force in February 2021.

Our goals for 2021:

  • To transition into our self-licensed capacity, and build all the infrastructure required to run a compliant and successful business
  • To move all of our clients away from their inferior institutionalised super funds, into our ‘sandwiches’ which are on average higher performing with less risk and less volatility
  • To assist our clients incorporate Australian property into their portfolio, where appropriate
  • To improve the user experience for our clients and our referrers, with a focus on lifting communication standards, as this has been undoubtedly our weakest link in the past
  • To become more reliant on technology for all data-related activities – so our humans can focus on customer service with the compassion and empathy that our clients deserve
  • To build a ‘robo-advice’ model with almost zero human interaction so that people can benefit from compliant and appropriate financial advice for almost no fees
  • To build a 100% ethical fund that does not invest in any companies that harm humans, animals and the environment, whilst also outperforming the highest performing industry and retail funds
  • To set the framework for a managed investment scheme (MIS) that will enable Australians to invest their money for the greater good of fellow Australians
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